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'The Inner Circle' is an informal night of ten-minute monologues curated by Circle Theatre. It is the first event of its kind, following in the spirit of open-mics, and fierce culture of informal performances that abounds in Bristol and beyond.

The pieces have been rehearsed remotely, and for many of the creative teams involved this will be the first time they have met in person.

These 'creative teams' are made up of a writer, a director, and an actor. After an open call for applications, the successful candidates have been matched by Circle Theatre and asked to rehearse a 10 minute monologue.

These monologues will be performed live in an intimate setting, without any props, set, or specialist costume.  Hence, we describe the event as 'a night of minimalist monologues'

The focus will be on the words, and the artistry of the directors and actors.

The Inner Circle provides a platform for local, like-minded theatre-makers to perform, meet, and make important connections. It's also a great opportunity to showcase work that may not be given a platform by other companies.

Audience members are to adhere to an all black dress code.

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The Inner Circle Information





Circle Theatre is searching for the best creatives that Bristol has to offer. We are looking for six writers, six actors, and six directors to perform with us at our ground-breaking event: The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle will be an evening of all-new monologues, curated by Circle Theatre. You will perform with no props, no set, and no lighting changes. It’s the perfect setting to demonstrate your skills, and we’re so excited to see what you can bring to the evening.

These intimate ten minutes performances will provide a platform for the new voices, and radical ideas, that we need to kickstart performance-culture in the age of COVID-19.


  • Please submit a full draft of your monologue (maximum ten minutes), and a short covering letter about it (200 words max). This must be an original, standalone piece of new writing, not taken from a longer play.


  • Please submit your CV and a covering letter. Let us know what topics, themes, and styles most inspire you.


  • Please apply using Spotlight/ CV as per most other auditions. Please send an audition tape of yourself performing a piece of text that you feel represents you and your personality best (max 3 mins).

Writers will be paired with directors, and directors will be paired with actors by Circle Theatre.

Please get in touch with us at: for further information.

N.B. The Inner Circle is not a paid event.